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When I woke up this morning, my head was filled with theories, questions, and conclusions, all developed, revised and finalised within seconds.

On the other hand, my heart was the host to an endless litany filled with overwhelming emotions where anger and unspoken words conspired to sustain a tormented mind and soul.

Once again, my faith in the goodness of men, as in human being, is in question.

How do we learn who and how to trust? Should we not trust at all? What would become of humanity if we all communicated, lived, loved and dealt with each other without trust and faith in one another?

Worst, what good would we bring to one another if all interactions and relationships came from a distrusted, disengaged, and selfish state of mind?

Life is beautiful. Trust, Faith, Love, Honesty, are what make it so.

Life’s beauty should be reflected in every word we speak, every step we make, every action we take, even in every thought we allow our minds to think.

This quiet woman I saw in the elevator last night who seemed to be desperately longing a loved one, still couldn’t eradicate the essence of happiness in her.

This utterly successful but yet overly stressed executive I meant during my last business trip, I saw the beauty of happiness in his eyes every time I looked into them.

Happiness is within us. Each and every one of us. But happiness won’t thrive if surrounded by distrust, selfishness, disengagement, or dishonesty.

It will suffocate and become an elusive dream we just can’t catch.

We owe it to ourselves and to mankind as we are one (believe it or not), to take a stand for all that bring good to us and others, and reject the rest.

Thoughts | sahdi{e}
June 20, 2013


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